Twas’ once a girl who knew her place, she forced herself to dissipate, “the less you are the less dismay,” she said as she began to fade.

In time and space, she’s assigned a pace, “the less you are, the less dismay, so please refrain from shifting your way, if you want to feel less pain.”

A faux start upon first gaze, his thirst displaces her impassive state. She’s lost inside his transfixed gaze. His gaze transfixed upon her shape, cut to the chase, no time to waste.. and as he quickens up her pace, “Can I disrespect you, if I may? I know I said otherwise yesterday, but herein lies another day, see I’ve got to unload this heavy weight; hold it a sec, won’t you babe? Don’t disobey, take the bait, reflect on it another day.”

He forms their reckless space in haste, then slows it to a turtle’s pace, “If I’ve hurt in any way, tuck your pain in all the way; your tears distract me from my day; just take some space, relearn your place; there’s a time and place for face to face, but not today, just not today.”

And in his time and in his space, she’s told herself she mustn’t break, but fast emotions take their place; her punishment takes his hardened shape; he sends to her his focused rage, and for this rage he places blame, “yes I gave you all my weight ok, but you’re no prisoner baby cakes, I never said you had to stay, so disconnect; forget the pain; disconnect, erase the shame; disconnect and dissipate; I only like you when you fade.

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